It's Time for a New Logo

This post marks a momentous occasion—I have finally written more than 5 blog posts and I have enough content to where the home page will not show every post I've written. I'm still using this site as a place to mostly just document my projects but crossing the 5 posts threshold makes it feel like I have done a decent job of not giving up on it.

Anyway, today I'm writing briefly about a recent logo redesign I did which, with this post, I am now adding to my personal website.

The Past

I have gone through several attempts at a logo in the past. The first "real" one I can remember working on was this emulation of the old Adobe CS3-style logos I did for my name:

A green square with Sb written in black
My first attempt at a logo, made by following a tutorial for The GIMP

My second attempt hails from 2015 (I think) when made my first attempt at a personal website. I believe I had recently discovered a website that made free, open source fonts called "Moveable Type" and got inspired.

A gray square with Sb written in black
Cutting edge gray background with black text, made in Inkscape. Bet you've never seen anything of this caliber before.

As you can see, not exactly building on the shoulders of giants here. Mostly I would just use these pictures as my avatars or my website favicon. Since I wasn't super comfortable with vector art at the time, I didn't have a good mental toolkit for going beyond "SB centered on a square".

The Present

For the record, I'm no vector art professional, but over the last few years I've gotten more comfortable busting out Affinity Designer for small projects. But I was really more stymied on the idea than I was on the tools.

For a long time I've struggled to blend the S and the B into one coherent but cool shape. The margins of my notebooks are riddled with doodles trying to figure this problem out:

Notebooks sketches trying to make a logo with the letters S and B
A sampling of many attempts to make the first letter of my first and last name mesh together properly.

The epiphany came when I happened across the logo for Guild Esports, which looks like this:

The logo for Guild Esports
The logo for Guild Esports

There were a couple things I liked about it. The geometry was simple and something I figured I could reproduce. I also enjoyed the "3D" illusion of the logo and wanted to replicate that. I also figured I could probably do away with the colors and just focus on the outline of the shape. Lastly, I decided I could stop trying to incorporate the B and just focus on a cool S.

At first I just tried to improvise/calculate all of the angles on a 2D canvas. That turned out to be a huge waste of time. It was just too hard to keep everything consistent.

Eventually I discovered that Affinity Designer has an isometric mode. This allows you to change the display of the underlying grid to aid in designing "angled" scenes. There are various pre-configurations for this grid setup, the most popular being Isometric which tilts two of the axes by 30 degrees to give sort of a "top-down" feel. That seemed a bit excessive when I was trying it out so I went with dimetric which is the same but with only a 15 degree tilt. Once that was set up, I could use the isometric tools to adjust the grid to match the 3d face I was editing.

Affinity Designer isometric tools interface
As I designed, I would use the buttons on the side to adjust which pseudo-3D grid face I was currently editing

With all of that set up, I arrived at my first iteration of the logo.

Black and white S logo
My first crack at the S logo

It wasn't horrible but didn't quite have the look I was going for. The main issue stemmed from trying to fit everything into a nice even grid. If you look at the front "S" face, you can sort of tell that I was trying to do it in an even 3x3 grid shape. While this was perfectly square straight on, in the dimetric view it ended up looking kind of weird. I didn't like how "wide" it made the S look.

Next I tried doing just about the same thing but with a 2x3 grid instead. This looked much better! After fattening up the lines a little bit and changing the colors to match my website's color scheme, I had a perfectly serviceable logo!

White S logo on blue
My new logo!


Not sure there's much to say about this one, but I enjoyed tinkering with some new design tools and I'm pretty happy with the result for now.

I'm hoping to post about a few more projects before the end of the year, so if you enjoyed this feel free to check back. Thanks for reading!